2018 District Cub Camp

Q. Can we set up early ?
A,. Yes, on Thursday 6th September at Bonaly from 6pm. Please don’t bring Cubs along as if there are children on the field we cant get vehicles on the field. Access to Bonaly from 2pm on Friday afternoon. Vehicles need to be offsite by 545pm. (except permit holders)
Q What about parking?
A. the car .park is heavily restricted, so each subcamp has parking permits issued , Blue Badge holders exempted from restrictions. Torduff Road is available to park leaders/parents cars over the weekend.
Q. When and where can Cubs arrive ?
A. Please advise parents of the half hour slot – drop off at Grant Avenue – marshals will direct you to a safe gathering point – bags will be transported upto the site, Cubs and leaders will go on foot once the pack is complete.
Q What about departure?
A. Similar to arrival – half hour slots and Cub/baggage reclaim on Grant Avenue. Parents will not be able to drive upto the campsite.
Q. What about catering ?
A. Sub camps of 50-60 young people can cater together – meals will be simple to prepare, cooking on gas. Food is provided about an hour before each meal from the central store by the core team. .
Q. Can day visitors come along?
A. Parents can come along to enjoy the fun and adventure and also help! Activities, meal prep and hiking can all be supported by parents – need to have names and times provided to core team. Sorry, Cubs are not able to be day visitors.
Q. What Badgework will be supported by camp activities and will badges be presented ?
A. A full list will be sent out nearer the time, badges can be presented by packs at their meetings post camp.
Q. Sunday morning hike- can parents and children come along?
A. We welcome parents and other over 18s, sorry we don’t have the capacity for additional children or dogs.
Q. We don’t have a Nights Away permit holder coming to camp.
A. No problem, we have permit holders- please submit our NAN to dc@craigalmond.org.uk
Q. What about ratios and first aiders?
A. Most packs should be able to cover ratios by recruiting extra parent helpers (PVG parents only if overnight) Similarly with first aiders, but this will be covered onsite by a small team.
Q. how to get in touch?
A. Iain MacBride ADC Cubs 07708 435 437 or craigactiv18@craigalmond.org.uk

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